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Dr. Shelly Taneja-Dhaliwal

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Dr. Shelly Taneja-Dhaliwal grew up admiring the eye. No, not the eyes of an individual, but the eye itself. She recognizes the importance of the eye as a critical and irreplaceable part of the human body, and wants to help everyone understand how to properly care for their eyes. Dr. Taneja-Dhaliwal is especially interested in pediatric optometry and contact lenses.

Dr. Taneja-Dhaliwal has received her Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems and her O.D. in Optometry from the University of Manchester (in England). Dr. Taneja-Dhaliwal also belongs to the Alberta Association of Optometrists, Alberta College of Optometrists and the Calgary Society of Optometrists. She has been in practice for almost nine years.

Dr. Taneja-Dhaliwal remembers the patient who was unable to find the perfect contact lenses because he worked in a very dusty environment. Dr. Taneja-Dhaliwal was able to find a solution to the patient’s issue, and the patient was very grateful. Dr. Taneja-Dhaliwal enjoys helping patients find their individual eye care solution.

When not helping people see better, Dr. Taneja-Dhaliwal enjoys yoga, dancing, spending time with her husband and three children.